A network design document is being prepared for a customer. Which three network design elements must be included? (Choose three.)

A. proof of concept
B. data sources
C. design details
D. organizational policies
E. implementation plan
Correct Answer: ACE
Section: Design
Design Document
The design document describes the business requirements; old network architecture; network requirements; and design, plan, and configuration information for
the new network. The network architects and analysts use it to document the new network changes, and it serves as documentation for the enterprise. The design
document should include the following sections:
■ Introduction describes the project’s purpose and the reasons for the network design.
■ Design Requirements lists the organization’s requirements, constraints, and goals.
■ Existing Network Infrastructure includes logical (Layer 3) topology diagrams; physical topology diagrams; audit results; network health analysis; routing
protocols; a summary of applications; a list of network routers, switches, and other devices; configurations; and a description of issues.
■ Design contains the specific design information, such as logical and physical topology, IP addressing, routing protocols, and security configurations.
■ Proof of Concept results from live pilot or prototype testing.
■ Implementation Plan includes the detailed steps for the network staff to implement the new installation and changes.
■ Appendixes contains list of exiting network devices, configurations, and additional information used in the design of the network.

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