A wireless LAN or WLAN is a wireless local area network, which is the linking of two or more computers or devices without using wires. How are wireless LANs identified?

A. Service Set Identifier (SSID)
B. Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP)
C. IP network
D. Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) key
Correct Answer: A
Section: Wireless
Service Set Identifier
WLANs use a service set identifier (SSID) to identify the WLAN’s “network name.” The SSID can be 2 to 32 characters long. All devices in the WLAN must have
the same configured SSID to communicate. It is similar to a VLAN identifier in a wired network. The difficulty in large networks is configuring the SSID, frequency,
and power settings for hundreds of remotely located access points. Cisco addresses this problem with the Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS). WCS is covered
in more detail in the “Cisco UWN Architecture” section.

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