Which Cisco proprietary protocol will be used in LAN switches to control multicast traffic at the data link layer within a LAN switch?

A. MAC filters
B. Cisco Group Management Protocol (CGMP)
C. Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)
Correct Answer: B
Section: Routing
Cisco Group Management Protocol is a Cisco proprietary protocol implemented to control multicast traffic at Layer 2. Because a Layer 2 switch is unaware of
Layer 3 IGMP messages, it cannot keep multicast packets from being sent to all ports. With CGMP, the LAN switch can speak with the IGMP router to find out the
MAC addresses of the hosts that want to receive the multicast packets. You must also enable the router to speak CGMP with the LAN switches. With CGMP,
switches distribute multicast sessions to the switch ports that have group members.

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