You are designing IPv6 into an existing IPv4 network. Which two strategies can you use to allow both address schemes to coexist, thus facilitating migration? (Choose two)

A. translate one protocol into the other
B. redistribute between IPv6-capable and non-IPv6-capable routing protocols
C. encapsulate IPv6 packets within IPv4 packets
D. bridge between the IPv6 and IPv4 networks
E. enable anycast capability in the routing protocol
Correct Answer: AC
Section: IP addressing
IPv4 to IPv6 Transition Mechanisms and Deployment Models
This section describes transition mechanisms and deployment models to migrate from IPv4 to IPv6. During a transition time, both protocols can coexist in the
network. The three major transition mechanisms are Each model provides several advantages and disadvantages; familiarize yourself with those. Of all these
models, the dual-stack model is recommended because it requires no tunneling and is easier to manage.

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